Aiden Borne: Chapter 10


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Parker tagged Hana on SimFace in their latest picture with a caption that read, “Guess who found out he’s going to be a father? That’s right! Parker Rain, Dad of the year, right here!”

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Aiden Borne: Chapter 9

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Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially when the couple can’t agree on anything. I wanted a big ceremony. Okay, well, not big. But a nice ceremony with all of our friends. Jack…he wanted to go to Vegas and get hitched.

“I don’t want to get hitched, Jack.”

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Aiden Borne: Chapter 8

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A bucket of ice water falling over my head would have been a hell of a lot better than what I was experiencing. Jack had nothing to say to me when I asked about our future. Well, very little. He shut me out a lot after that too.

I’d call and text him, and he’d answer a quick reply with a text saying he’s in a low cell area, and he’d call me back. He never did. I asked a few of his friends where he could be, and they usually gave me a few fishing spots I could probably find him at.

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Aiden Borne: Chapter 7


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I don’t know how he did it, but he did. He got me to have sex with him. Of course it took him a lot longer and a few hundred more kisses and him saying those three words a lot more, but he finally got me in bed with him.

I’m not sure what to think. I mean it was great, fantastic even. One of the best things to have happened to me in a long time. What sucks, is that I waited so damn long, when I could have had that kind of loving for a while. He blew my mind…not a surprise there, since the man knew how to make me melt just with words. But sex…sex with Jack was not like anything I have ever felt before.

Jack knew it too. He knew it was just as good and amazing as I did. And he made sure I was never going to hold off sex again with him. Not like he had to, because I now wanted it as much as he did.

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Aiden Borne: Chapter 5

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“Hold it right there, Jack London!” I framed him with my hands while he froze there with a giant smirk on his face.

“You planning on painting me? Cause, Babe, I know I am wearing way too many clothes for that sort of thing. But if you want…”

“I swear if you finish that sentence I will break up with you.” I turned to see Bella giggling behind me. “Thanks Jack.”

“Oh, don’t mind him, Jack,” Bella said over me, “I won’t stop you if you stripped.”

“BELLA GOTH!” I yelled at her in shock. “You are not helping me.”

“Who said I was?” she giggled. “I’m all for it for selfish reasons. Come on, Jack, let’s see what you got under those pants.”

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Aiden Borne: Chapter 4

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“I’m getting you a hotel room.”

“Jack, I am not sleeping with you.”

Jack chuckled. He had been hounding me for weeks about my sleeping arrangements. When I told him I was homeless, he worried. It was getting colder out, and I knew that. A few times he found me shaking on a bench and held me close to warm me up.

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